Manicure Monday: Essie

Happy Monday!

All of my friends and anyone who has been following my Instagram accounts (@MyBlancCanvas & @heathertam88) know that I am a little bit of a nail addict. Even though I don’t experiment with nail art as much as I used to, I’ll share my manicures if it is a fun or interesting one! Keep an eye out for my Manicure Monday posts!

Oct 5 - Manicure Monday - Care

1) Essie Grow Faster Base Coat: 1 light coat is all you need and my nails have been growing so much faster and stronger ever since I starting using this base coat.

2) Formula X Shine Top CoatThis is my absolute F A V O U R I T E top coat! It makes my manicures last so long…sometimes even 2 weeks! The best part? I love how my nails look super shiny and glossy afterwards (it drys fast too!). I do have to mention though, the only downfall is that it always gets goopy once you get to half the bottle but I still love it!

Oct 5 - Manicure Monday - Colour

3) Essie ‘Sand Tropez’: 2 coats

4) Essie ‘Jazzy Jubilant’: 2 coats for a sprinkled glitter look. Your nail polish might get a bit thick on your nails (making it hard to dry) if you put more than 2-3 coats.

What do you think of this nail look? Leave me comments and let me know what mani you’re rocking this week!

Thanks for reading! xx

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