Gifts for: The Caffeine Lover

The Caffeine Lover: You know they love their caffeine…so let’s add on to the addiction!

Heather's Gift Guide - Caffeine Lover

1. Owls Brew Tea Trio Set ($34)

Great for your favourite mixologist who’s also a caffeine lover. This set includes 3 different natural tea flavours and drink recipes…cheers! (It’s also available at Indigo stores)

2. Frank Original Body Scrub ($15.95)

During the winter months, skin tends to get drier than normal so some of us have to switch over to extra nourishing products to keep our skin hydrated. Frank Body scrubs are made of roasted and ground robusta coffee beans that stimulates blood flow and helps troubled skin! They also contain other ingredients that give your skin some more love. This is the perfect way to awaken your senses during those cold winter mornings!

3. Starbucks Gold Zipper Double Wall 10 oz Travler ($34.95)

I believe that you can never have too many cute home or travel mugs. Currently available at Starbucks, this limited edition Brilliant Collection is adorned with shimmering Swarovski crystals and bold gold accents. I love this traveler the most because of the giant gold zipper detail -it’s Instagram worthy too!

4. Indigo ‘Time for Tea’ Tea Set ($24.50)

Here’s a cute little tea set for tea lovers who like to slip and enjoy the perfect cup at home. It comes with a bamboo tray, stainless steel infuser, ceramic stir spoon and a large mug.

5. Lush Percup Massage Bar ($12.95) & Lush Massage Bar Tin ($3.95)

Lush products always smell amazing and if you love the smell of coffee, you’ll definitely find this mood-boosting massage bar invigorating. Throw in a couple DIY ‘free massage’ coupons for a personal touch (pun intended)!

Hope these gift guides will help you with your Christmas shopping. I would love to know who you are getting it for and which gifts you would like to receive (or gift) yourself! Leave me a comment if you need any additional gift ideas or if you have any gift tips for me!

On another note – while some of us may be excited to buy presents for our loved ones, it’s also a time when there are those who are in need of some help instead of a present. If time and flexibility permits, please look into other ways to help those in need in our community.

Thanks for reading and happy giving! xx

13 thoughts on “Gifts for: The Caffeine Lover

    1. Thanks for the love! Lush is so amazing. Which products do you use from them? Frank Body is really good and I love all the oils that they use in the scrubs. I have super sensitive and dry skin and it always feels hydrated after I use it. xx

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