My first watch, Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas + Contest!

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Happy New Year!

This is my very first watch…and first 2017 blog post! The New Year has been pretty great so far and I hope you all have an amazing year. The plan for me is to blog more this year so keep following to be part of all the fun!

I’ve been looking for a watch for some time now – I wanted something light, sleek and minimalistic. When I was given the opportunity to pick out my own JORD Wood Watch, I chose the Frankie 35 in Dark Sandalwood and Slate. I love the look of this watch, the rose gold works so well with the slate colour. Keep scrolling for more details and pictures of this watch along with some Valentine’s Day gift ideas. Also, make sure to enter the JORD Wood Watch contest below!

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Frankie 35 in Dark Sandalwood & Slate Features:

Face: 35 mm – I have small wrists but the 35 mm fits well and doesn’t look chunky.

Band Thickness: 14 mm

Buckle: Double buckle with push buttons

Wood Colour: Dark Sandalwood

Face Colour: Slate – I wear a lot of greys and it might naturally be because I am biased towards the colour ‘heather grey’ so there will be zero effort incorporating this piece into my outfits.


Valentine’s day is around the corner and after the New Year celebrations are over and you’re back into the groove of things, couples usually start to think of potential gift ideas for their significant other. If you messed up on the Christmas gift, this is your time to redeem yourself! Haha (just joking…kind of). If you are not in a relationship, this is also a time to celebrate LOVE so show some love to yourself and your loved ones.

Couples’ fashion is very popular and trendy in South Korea. While I was living there, I saw it on the regular and often admired how carefully crafted and creative they get. Take a look at Fashion Magazine’s post for some matchy-matchy street style. Decking out in a full head-to-toe matching outfit may be a little too bold for some so I would pick a matching accessory to keep it subtle. I like the Frankie and Frankie 35 watches the most and if I were in a relationship, I would love to have a matching timepiece. I’ve picked out two sets below as a great
Valentine’s Day Gift Idea.

JORD Watch - Valentines Day Gift Idea - Dark Sandalwood.jpg

Dark & Sleek: These two watches don’t match exactly and that’s why I like them. One is in ‘Smoke’ and the other one is in ‘Slate’ (the one that I have). The dark sandalwood gives it a sleek, smooth look while the rose gold is elegant on both of the greys.

For Him: Frankie Dark Sandalwood & Smoke

For Her: Frankie 35 Dark Sandalwood & Slate

JORD Watch - Valentines Day Gift Ideas - Zebrawood.jpg

Bold & Bright: For a matchy-matchy look, I love the light zebrawood and champagne combo. The gold also matches really well with the colours. This would be a good option if your other half wears a lot of gold jewellery – it’ll make it easier to match…since this combo is all about matching (haha!).

For Him: Frankie Zebrawood & Champagne

For Her: Frankie 35 Zebrawood & Champagne 

Check out how others have styled their JORD Wood Watch on @woodwatch_com for some ideas on which one to choose.



These watches have engravings on them. They are placed in areas where they are subtle while adding in some extra details without taking away from the minimalistic look. What’s great about JORD Wood Watch is that you’re able to customize it with an engraving on the back of the watch or on the cedar box that it comes in.

For more JORD watches, click here for their Men’s online shop and here for their Women’s online shop.

MyBlancCanvas - JORD Watch - Single Watch 1.jpg


Whether you are getting a watch for yourself or as a gift, enter the below contest and receive a gift code worth $25 at the end of the contest on February 5th and for a chance to win a $100 gift code towards a watch of your choice!

CLICK HERE to enter the contest, it’ll only take a few minutes. Good luck!

Thank you for reading and for participating in the contest!


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