Foodie Friday: Joe Bird

Sept 2017 - Joe Bird - 1.jpg

Happy Fri-yay!

I was researching on a new restaurant to try and came across Joe Bird that just opened last month (August)! The vibes and service there were great, but the most important thing, the food was delicious. If you are looking for something relaxing to do in downtown Toronto, I would suggest stopping by the Harbourfront for a nice walk and come here for dinner and dessert (it’s facing the water!).

Sept 2017 - Joe Bird - 2.jpgSept 2017 - Joe Bird - 3.jpgSept 2017 - Joe Bird - 4.jpg

We had to try one of Joe’s cocktails so we tried the Maple Whiskey Lemonade – we really liked it. It was a nice blend of citrus and sweet.

Maple Whiskey Lemonade (pitcher: $35): Sweet Quebec maple syrup and tart freshly squeezed lime juice, combined with Canadian whiskey and topped with ginger ale

Sept 2017 - Joe Bird - 5.jpg

They do brunch and take-out too! At the back entrance of the restaurant, they took an old RV and made that their take-out window. It’s so cute with a very retro vibe. You can also use Ritual to order take-out!

Sept 2017 - Joe Bird - 6.jpgSept 2017 - Joe Bird - 7.jpgSept 2017 - Joe Bird - 8.jpgSept 2017 - Joe Bird - 9.jpg

Okay, we went a little ham. I mean, it was our first time there and it’s kind of tapas style so we thought we’d order a little bit of everything to try (hahha!).

Ordered all the birds to try! Must say I like Joe’s Fried Bird the best. We had it with the Bird & Malted Waffles ($10) order and it’s a must try – so delicious. The BBQ Bird and Smokey Grilled Bird was good too.

For sides, we went with the Poutine ($5), Broccoli & Cauliflower ($4.50) and Corn on the Cob ($5). The server suggested that we get the poutine with our Smokey Grilled Bird order as it comes with a side so we went ahead and did that. Don’t judge me, but in the end, we still ordered a side of poutine cause it was so good! The corn was absolutely amazing but I always like corn on the cob like what you would get at Mexican restaurants with cheese and toppings on them. As for the broccoli & cauliflower, it was good but we didn’t eat much of it cause it had a bit too much mayo on it for our liking and we were also super stuffed at that point.

Everything is very reasonably priced. Check out their full menu here. I’ll definitely stop by on a weekend one of these days to try their brunch menu.

Sept 2017 - Joe Bird - 10.jpgSept 2017 - Joe Bird - 11.jpg

How cute is this little place!

Sept 2017 - Joe Bird - 12.jpgSept 2017 - Joe Bird - 13.jpg

The service we got was so great and we were able to try some of the flavoursĀ before deciding on what we wanted. I’ll probably go back soon to try the Purple Rain! Some of the names and ingredients have evolved from what’s on their online menu so go in and take a look at what you want to try! Oh, and I’ll also make sure I’m not stuffed before going in for the ice cream, they’re quite filling!

Sept 2017 - Joe Bird - 14.jpgSept 2017 - Joe Bird - The Fix Campfire.jpg

Campfire ($6): Burnt marshmallow ice cream, torched marshmallows, and sprinkles with chocolate dipped graham cracker

This was SO delicious – highly recommended if you like s’mores!

Sept 2017 - Joe Bird - The Fix Mango.jpg

Mango Wow/Mango Chamoy ($7): Mango sorbet, chamoy (spicy, salty, sweet and sour condiment from Mexico), toasted coconut

I was so stuffed after dinner so I opted for the dairy-freeĀ mango sorbet! It was so delicious and fresh, the perfect way to end a delicious meal.

207 Queens Quay W

Let me know if you end up checking it out – would love to hear what you think of it. Thanks for stopping by – hope you have a great weekend!



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