Saks Canada x Shantell Martin



Throwback to the time I attended the Saks Canada x Shantell Martin event. I had a BLAST and I look forward to checking out the new Saks Fifth Canada store on Queen Street!


It was really awesome to be in such a creative space. Shantell Martin spent days before the event and illustrated all over the walls, floor, and canvases in her bold style. I love the style of her work, it’s very impactful and it tells a story.


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Pepper B. Design Launch Party

Pepper B. Design has officially launched! Congrats to my beautiful friend, Danni, the creative brain behind the brand. Their products are beautiful and it’s a bonus that it’s all produced in Canada through partnerships with local artisans and small businesses. You can purchase their products on their website or plan a Sunday activity to The Post Market down Queen St. W on Sept 20th to support Pepper B. Design and a variety of other local vendors.

At the launch party, my girlfriends and I had a blast celebrating the proud moment. It was all laughs and good vibes! I documented the night on my Snapchat story – you can see a snapshot of it below! Then after the party, I brought 3 of my friends (who have never tried hot pot) to this hot pot restaurant in Markham to stuff our faces with food. It was A M A Z I N G. It’s all you can eat so you can image all the fun we had!


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