MY OBSESSION MONDAY: Layering necklaces

Hey lovelies!

Happy Monday! Everyone who knows me knows that I love jewellery so I wanted to share with you some ways that I like to layer necklaces together on today’s #MyObsessionMonday post. You can have so much fun with layering to create different looks and it can even dress up the simplest outfits. I put together 9 looks just for you – hope you like it!

Some of these pieces are new purchases, others I’ve had forever and there are a couple in there that I designed & made myself! So below are links to similar pieces or the exact ones to help you achieve these looks.


1. Medium Silver Pendant: Designed it myself! (similar here & here)  |  2. Silver Choker: Forever 21 (similar)


1. Silver Bib: Aldo  |  2. Bold Colour (similar)


1. Long Hanging Pendant: Hibou at Little Burgundy (similar)  |  2. Short Bold Choker: H&M (similar)


1. Vintage Stone Pendant: Biko (similar)  |  2. Charm Choker (similar)


1. Silver Pendant: Forever 21 (similar here & here)  |  2. Silver Layers: Aldo Shoes  |  3. More Silver Layers (similar here & here)


1. Long Stone Pendant: Hibou at Little Burgundy (similar)  |  2. Medium Stone Pendant: Hibou at Little Burgundy (similar)  |  3. White Statement Piece: J.Crew (similar here & here)


1. Black Jewel Pendant: J.Crew (similar) |  2. Simple Gold Chain (similar)  |  3. Black Statement Piece: H&M (similar)


1. Silver & Gold (similar)  |  2. Gold: Designed by me! (similar here & here)  |  3. Silver Choker:  Aldo Shoes (similar here & here)


1. Long Chain Pendant (similar)  |  2. Silver Chain Bib (similar)  |  3. Statement Choker (similar)

Which look would you rock? Leave me a comment, I’d love to know! Make sure to check out my YouTube video below and give me a thumbs up if you like it!

Thanks for reading xx

18 thoughts on “MY OBSESSION MONDAY: Layering necklaces

  1. This is such a phenomenal guide to layering necklaces. I LOVE playing with clothing and all sorts of fun garments but I will admit that I do find it challenging to layer jewelry – especially necklaces and rings. Thank you so much for sharing this! I will forever be utilizing this as an inspiration guide for all my future layering necklaces infused outfits.


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  2. Greetings from Ottawa! You are FAB. Love the necklaces you are wearing in this post! Thanks so much for the follow. Subscribing to your YouTube account too! If I’m ever in TO, we should meet up and collab! Have a few other TO bloggers interested as well!

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    1. Hi Jazmin,

      Thank you so much for nominating me and for checking out my blog. I will definitely put together the post shortly!

      Follow me for more style tips & fashion finds! ❤


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