#AllTogetherAtHolts Style Icon: Christine Centenera

Hi everyone!

Hope you had a chance to submit your #AllTogetherAtHolts post! I posted mine on Instagram before the deadline but want to put together a blog post that highlights why Christine Centenera is my style icon. I’ve been following her for years now and she has stayed so true to her style and never disappoints when it comes to an outfit that surprises and inspires. If you don’t know who I’m talking about then keep reading below!

AllTogetherAtHolts - Christine Centnera
AlltogetherAtHolts - Bold Gold
AlltogetherAtHolts - Cool Kicks

I LOVE bold, gold jewellery and I would trade anything to have her jewellery collection. Really digging how she paired the Celine necklace with the chokers!

AlltogetherAtHolts - Playful Prints

Her shoe collection is to die for. She picks the coolest of everything – flats, heels, wedges… you name it! When I saw her rock those Haider Ackermann flats and Giuseppe Zanotti leopard wedges, I made it my mission to hunt for knockoffs! Will definitely feature them in outfit posts later on. 

AlltogetherAtHolts - Silhouette & Shape

Christine rocks a lot of playful prints and it’s something that I can really connect with. The coolest part is that they’re designed by her boyfriend, Josh Goot! Power couple ALERT! 

AlltogetherAtHolts - Black on black

Playing with shapes & silhouettes add a lot of interest to an outfit. She also has a way of layering really cool pieces together!

She does the black-on-black look like a true boss. #GirlBoss

Oct 15 - Holts - Outfit
Oct 15 - Holts - Print
Oct 15 - Holts - Jewelery
Oct 15 - Holts - Shoes

This #AllTogetherAtHolts contest made it even more of a reason to put the spotlight on Christine Centenera, my ultimate style icon. ❤

My Blanc Canvas - Pinterest Christine Centenera

I’ve saved my favourite looks from Christine Centenera on my Pinterest board “Ultimate Style Icon: Christine Centenera“.  Follow me on Pinterest and spread some LIKEs!

Thanks for reading! xx

Photo Credit: Kristi Terakita / www.kristiterakita.com

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