Manicure Monday: Birthday Nails

Birthday Nails - Polishes

Step 1: Essie ‘Grow Faster’ – my nails have been quite brittle due to the change of weather so this base coat really helps strengthen and speed up the growth!

Step 2: Essie ‘Wicked’ – it’s quite opaque so 2 coats will be sufficient

Step 3: Essie ‘Jazzy Jubilant’ – 2 coats for more glitter!

Step 4: Sephora Formula X Top Coat – my favourite top coat because it makes my manicure last long with maximum shine

Birthday Nails

I just bought this bracelet from J.Crew as a little treat to myself last week and it so happened to match my manicure. That means it’s meant to be right? I couldn’t find this online but it’s probably still in stores around Toronto. I love J.Crew jewellery but I know they can definitely get pricy. They often have sales though so keep an eye out for your favourites!

Thanks for reading & have an amazing week! xx

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