My Monday Obsession: Ever New Wrap Waistcoat

Hey everyone!

My obsession this week is with this Ever New wool blend waistcoat. It’s quite warm and a versatile piece for layering. I went to the Ever New launch a couple months ago and they have a good selection of trendy, cool pieces. If you haven’t checked out the store at the Toronto Eaton Centre yet, go and take a look for some fall/winter finds!

Nov 16 - Ever New Coat - Open Coat
Nov 16 - Ever New Coat - Full Look.jpg

Leaving it open or tying the belt gives you two different looks!

Nov 16 - Ever New Coat - Back View
Nov 16 - Ever New Coat - Pockets

Love large collars and pockets! The collar is so amazing on this coat…it beautifully drapes over the shoulders and gives you extra warmth like a scarf. It looks best when a fitted shirt is worn underneath to give you more shape.

Nov 16 - Ever New Coat - Shoes

I’m 5’3 and the length of this coat is perfect for my height! It doesn’t go past my knees, making it look too long and frumpy and I like that my pencil skirt peeks through even when the belt is tied. I also made sure that my winter wool coats are able to cover the full length of the waistcoat when worn together.

Check out my Ever New Launch Party post to see pictures of the party, store and some of my favourite pieces!

The weather is still fluctuating in Toronto, making it easy to catch a cold (not complaining about the warmer days though!) Stay warm and wear lots of layers!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you all have an amazing week! xx

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