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Happy Holidays!

It’s been so nice to take a little break over the holidays to spend time with family, friends and just let myself have some ‘me’ time. I’ve even been detoxing from social media too! How is 2019 right around the corner? Where did 2018 go? This year truly was a busy one and it flew by.

If you’re still looking for a NYE party outfit tomorrow or for the holiday parties that just couldn’t be squeezed into the last weeks of 2018, here’s a skirt that I love from Zara (act surprised!). It’s now on sale for $49.99 so drop by your nearest Zara store to pick one up or order online if you don’t need it until the new year. It is full of tiny sequins and let’s be real,  who doesn’t love a little sparkle! Scroll down below to see how I styled this skirt in 3 different ways.

Zara Knotted Sequin Skirt – now on sale for $49.99.Zara Wrap Sequin Skirt - 3 Ways to Style Cover 2.JPG

Look #1: Party Hopper

This is a great day-to-night look as it’s appropriate for work and then at night, you can throw on a statement necklace to dress it up.

Statement Necklace: J.Crew  |  Crisp Dress Shirt: Frank & Oak (favourite dress shirt)  |  Black Tights: Rachel Tights  |  Chunky Heels: Aldo

Zara Wrap Sequin Skirt - 3 Ways to Wear.jpg


Look #2: NYE Party Host

Since you’re the host, you want to wear something that isn’t too much of a hassle, that will get in the way of your prep or at the expense of you enjoying your own party. This top is light and the wrapped detailing exposes the knotted sequin tie of the skirt nicely.

Statement Necklace: J. Crew  |  Crop Top: H&M (similar one here, the sparkly one is on sale for $12.99)

Zara Wrap Sequin Skirt - 3 Ways - Outfit3.jpg

On a side note, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Febreze Unstopables over the holidays. Both the ‘Fresh’ scented Air Refresher and Fabric Refresher made my house smell so nice before and after the holiday parties we hosted. Thanks for being a helping hand, Febreze!


Look #3: House Party Attendee

Go with a loose fitted top to be comfortable and pair it with flat boots that are easy to get in and out of. Cover up the tucked in ties to get a different look with this skirt by wearing a loose top over the skirt.

Top: Zara (Here’s a cute option from Zara that is now on sale for $29.99|  Boots: Michael Kors

Zara Wrap Sequin Skirt - 3 Ways - Outfit2

Enjoy the rest of 2018, see you in 2019!


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