My Obsession Monday: Bomber Jacket

Zara Bomber Jacket - 1.jpg

Hi Lovelies!

It’s been a while since I’ve had the chance to put some time into My Blanc Canvas and I’ve really missed it! On the flip side, I’ve been good (saving some $$) and haven’t shopped very much. The weather has also been suprisingly warm for mid-October in Toronto, so it hasn’t put the pressure/encouragement on for scouting out fall staples.

This is my first bomber jacket and I’m loving it!

Zara Bomber - 3 colours.jpg

Zara Bomber Jacket with Pockets ($49.90)

The price itself should be enough said but a couple other reasons why I love this piece is that it isn’t one of those super thin, flimsy bomber jackets that doesn’t serve a practical purpose to a jacket. It is lined and quilted inside, with a substantial thickeness to keep you warm. The fit is also good – I have wide shoulders and it fits comfortably but it would have been even more perfect if it was a tad bit looser on the shoulders. This is a common issue that I run into so it’s not new news to me! I LOVE that there are 2 side pockets, 1 with a button closure and the other one has a zipper. I can see myself wearing this jacket a lot while runing around and when I do that, I don’t always like to carry my bag so sometimes I just put things in my pockets. The pockets will keep things from falling out and I can also keep my hands warm if needed! This comes in 3 colours…what! All 3 are nice but the reason why I chose the wine colour is that this colour along with the sheen on the jacket makes it look more dressy than the black or the khaki. I will put together a “3 Ways to Style” post on this jacket but before I do that, I’ll post up a YouTube video on this jacket first.

Zara Bomber - Outfit.jpg

Aldo Boots.jpg

Just wanted to point out these Aldo booties real quick – I saw them online at the end of winter last year and they were on (super) sale. It was like a wild-goose chase and after months and month, I decided to give up on getting my hands on them. Then, my best friend found them online in the states and when her sister visited the US for work, she ordered them online for me and had it delivered to their friend’s house and got her sister to pick it up for me! These babie were meant to live in my closet! By the time I got them though, it was spring and these weren’t suited for the weather. I’ve been waiting patiently to wear them and that day has finally come! I love them so much, they’re classic with a bit of edge to them and I like that there aren’t any hardwear on them, making it easy to pair with any outfit. It’s also a slip-on, so it’s convenient to put them on. What do you think?

Stay tuned for my YouTube video that will give you a closeup of the details of the Zara Bomber Jacket. Hope you had an amazing weekend!

Thank you for stopping by and for reading.  xx

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